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Pi Day is coming up on Monday, March 14th - or 3.14 to all the math aficionados! 

We'll be celebrating all week! Order for Pi Day ahead for the week March 8-18 for the geekiest holiday in the baking universe - a celebration of all things round, irrational, and delicious.  Make sure to leave an offering for the spirit of Archimedes. 

It's on a Monday this year, so make sure to plan ahead to pick up Saturday or earlier in the week! 

For all of you who weren't paying attention that day in class, go here for a little math and history lesson:


Order ahead, treat your friends who are still stuck at home, coddle your co-workers who you actually miss at this point. Heck, even your boss probably would like a little pie on their doorstep. Better yet, your staff.

While we're at it, what better gift for Pi Day than a Pie Club subscription

Need an Archimedes Tee? Check out our Merch Page!


And we're going to celebrate a li'l St. Paddy's Day at the same time, since Archimedes was actually Irish, right?

St. Paddy's Day goodies are available to order ahead the week of March 15-19.