~ Sweet or Savory - and Friday Supper Club Subscriptions too!


~ You pick how often and how long you subscribe


~ Make substitutions, or pause your subscription while you're away


~ Subscription discounts, Prepay discounts and Gift Subscriptions too!


Subscriptions are easy


The hardest choice you have to make is whether you want to get a Sweet Pie Club or a Savory Pie Club. Nobody's saying you can't do both. 

  • For our fruit, chocolate, nut, and custard pies, subscribe to a Sweet Pie Club

  • For our pot pies and quiches, both meaty and vegetarian, subscribe to the Savory Pie Club


You can select to get a pie once a week, once every two weeks, every three weeks, and so on up to every six weeks.

You'll need to create an account on our website in order to manage your subscription - pausing, swapping products, updating payment information. That's where all the business of the subscription takes place. If you don't already have an account, you can create one during checkout.


Friday Supper Club


Subscribe to the SUPPER CLUB

We offer a 4-person meal option and a 2-person meal option, in both vegetarian and meat-eater options. You'll be able to see the menu for each week on the Supper Club Page, and you can substitute the vegetarian and meaty options if you'd like. 

You can have your subscriptions delivered, but remember that we have a $50 delivery minimum, so you may need to add to your order. But we always have plenty to choose from, so if you have a week that you'd like to do that, just check out the menu!


Gift Subscriptions


You can pre-pay a subscription and order it as a gift for someone. Just like a regular subscription, you select how often you'd like your giftee to get their pie (or supper), and how long you'd like it to continue for.

If you want it to be delivered, in order to meet our delivery minimum, you may need to bundle subscriptions together in order to do that - for instance, a sweet and a savory pie club at once, so your giftee will get two pies every so often. Or, a Supper Club and a Pie Club (I mean, they probably need dessert too, right?).