Bakery Menu

 All our pies and pastries are made in-house, by hand and from scratch. Our selections vary with the seasons and with produce availability. For current same-day availability, call the store at 510-324-4743. We have a limited selection of pies and pastry available for online pre-order too on our Online Menu.
Sweet Pastry
Danish and Croissant PopTarts - really it's a frosted handpie
Cinnamon Buns Cherry
Chocolate Croissant Nutella
Almond Croissant Lemon
Blueberry Cheese Danish Blueberry
Apple Turnovers - in our whole wheat puff pastry Savory Pastry
Blackberry Blossoms Chicken Andouille Sausage Rolls
Beef & Potato Pasties
4-inch Pies Potato Cheddar Pasties
Organic Strawberry Chicken & Roasted Pepper Empanadas
Sweet Potato Quiche
Rhubarb Crumble Quiche Alsacienne - ham, bacon, carmelized onion, Swiss
Shaker Lemon Vegetarian Quiche - Organic Greens & Swiss
Seasonal Vegetarian Quiches
Fruit Pies - 6-inch & 9-inch
our pies vary with the seasons and produce availability
Dutch Apple - Crumb topped Pot Pies - 6-inch & 9-inch
Caramel Apple - with our house made caramel fresh and in our take-and-bake freezer!
Chocolate Espresso  Chicken Pot Pie - Mary's all-natural chicken
Blackberry Blueberry Turkey Pot Pie - Diestel turkey
Peach Pie Niman Ranch Beef Pies
Cherry Pie with Brown Sugar Oatmeal Struesel Steak & Ale
Apricot Pie with Almond Crumble Steak & Gorgonzola
Raspberry Rhubarb Matador Steak
Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Pork & Apple Pie with fresh sage and cider glaze
Vanilla Buttermilk Custard Summer Pork Pie - fresh corn, tomatillos, cilantro
Shaker Meyer Lemon Moroccan Vegetable Pie - Savory veggies, North African spice
Brown Sugar Brandy Pecan Vegetable Shepherd's Pie
Cream Pies - offered on alternate weeks - call the shop to see what's current
Chocolate Cream
Banana Cream
Coconut Cream