We really miss hosting a nice big crowded space full of music, food, and cheer. While that's just not in the cards right now, we still can cook for you! 


We're doing a Friday Supper Club, offering a weekly small, delicious menu of both meaty and vegetarian dinners made with the best ingredients - all-natural, no-hormone/antibiotic meats and fresh, organic, local produce. Sarah's handmade pasta dishes have become a bit of a local legend, and our soups have a following for good reason.

We make everything in-house - stocks, broths, and sauces simmered long and slow the way it should be done.


Join us, virtually (you'll have to supply your own music, though). Pick ups, deliveries, and, now, subscriptions! 

How to subscribe: You'll see the option on the menu item that will let you subscribe. When you select the subscribe option, you'll be able to choose how often you'd like to order from the Friday Supper Club (with discounts for pre-paying!). You'll need to select the menu option for each time your order is due to be filled (every week, every other week, once per month, etc). If you aren't excited about that week's menu item, you can wait another week, or choose from the soups or that classic mac & cheese.