About Niles Pie

Our Vision:

We're passionate about pie - about food and where it comes from, and the glorious process of growing it, harvesting it, turning it into food that warm our bodies and spirits. I don't even really mind doing the dishes, as long as someone else puts them away. 

The Niles Pie Company makes pie and pastry for our community using the best possible ingredients, local and seasonal, and, wherever possible, organic. Our baked goods reflect the delight we find in the bounty of the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the joy we experience in crafting wholesome and delicious baked goods for our friends and neighbors.

When you eat locally and seasonally, and when you support businesses in your local community, you just can't help but feel good. And when you do it by eating pie, all is right with the world. 


Message from Carolyn:

I started baking for a living back in my college days in the late '80's, at a little campus cafe. They didn't want to hire me, but eventually did because they thought I had a crush on one of the guys at the counter. They put me to "picking chickens" -- cleaning the skin and bones off cooked birds for the chicken salad. The first time the baker didn't make it in, I jumped at the chance to learn the muffin recipes and how to make their amazing sourdough baguettes. I used to go to my 8 a.m. American Lit class with dough under my nails and smelling like the soup of the day.

After college I just kept baking. I worked my way around New England, baking at conference centers, upscale and downscale restaurants, catering companies, a culinary school, and an opera camp in Maine (that one didn't work out so well, even though I didn't sing). My favorite was the summer I was head cook at a 4-H camp.  Eventually I started my own bakery, where I reigned for over 5 years.

Life is funny and can throw you curves. I found myself in California, in this incredible land of milk and honey. I was sidetracked for over a decade, building a new life, supporting my family. All the while, the lure of the rolling pin called. Finally I've answered it. It feels so good to be up to my elbows in flour again, I think I'll stay awhile.

I'm so excited to be lying awake at night thinking of what's in season and what to concoct, rather than worrying about things that don't make my heart sing. I hope you enjoy our offerings!

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