Pie Tunes

 You know how when you get a new car, suddenly everywhere you look, you see that same make and model? When I got my Piemobile, my awesome Nissan cube (they're not paying me, btw. I just like the car.), suddenly I'm seeing this silly little square car all over the place. It's the same with songs. I hear pie songs all the time these days! Everywhere! So I decided to start collecting them and putting up links to them...

Honey Pie, Beatles -- the classic. It's the first one I think of.

I Love Pie, Chic Gamine -- What more could you want? This awesome group, with their amazing voices and vibe, and Sesame Street! Singing about pie! Life is GOOD!

Sweet Potato Pie, Ray Charles & James Taylor -- Who knew? I wouldn't have put these two together, but pie brings us all together doesn't it?

Where's My Apple Pie, Joan Baez -- this recording is from an Occupy protest on Veteran's Day in NYC last year. Wish I'd been there to hear it live.

American Pie, Don McLean -- I spent my 11th grade Chemistry class writing the lyrics on the desk. Sorry about that, Mr. Schneider.

Blueberry Pie, Bette Midler - I don't know if anyone actually does song this better. Love it.

Pie Jesu, Sissel - I don't think this is actually about pie, but it's gorgeous.

Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey), Four Tops -- Of course! Thanks for that one, Greg!

Key Lime Pie, Kenny Chesney -- I'm under a swaying palm tree...in a hammock...with a frosty beverage and a piece of pie...

Send me your pie songs and I'll add them!!